Festival 2022


Oct 29 -
Nov 12 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

What is LagosPhoto?

LagosPhoto is the first and only international photography festival in Nigeria  launched in October 2010 in Lagos, Nigeria. Photos are directed to highlighting the stories of Africa not commonly covered by press, images provided by national and international Photographers; are exhibited publicly both in indoor and outdoor spaces       

When will the 2019 Festival commence?

LagosPhoto commences on 26th October to 15th November 2019. This exhibition is open to the public.

Who decides the theme for the Festival?

The Festival’s Artistic Director and creative team define the theme each year.

Will there be merchandise sold?

There will be LagosPhoto merchandise available for sale such as:

  • T-shirts
  • Tote Bags
  • Pens
  • Posters
  • Books
  • Stickers
How do I obtain images from past exhibitions?

While LagosPhoto is not a commercially-centered fair, should you be interested in usage rights or purchasing images from a previous edition, you may contact us at and we will help facilitate contact with the artist.

How do I obtain images of works in current exhibitions?
Kindly write us at to request images from the current exhibition for press or publicity purposes.
I am interested in exhibiting at the festival: How many photos must I submit?
Please stay tuned for the 2019 call with more details regarding submission by signing up for our mailing list and by following us on social media.
Do my photos have to be in colour?
We welcome all types of photographic mediums and methods of practice.
How recent should my photos be?
There is no time frame for images submitted: LagosPhoto presents photography as it is embodied in the exploration of personal, historical and contemporary issues, through a diverse spectrum of photographic practices. LagosPhoto aims to show the best in photography from the African continent, featuring stories which speak to the theme and push the boundaries of traditional photographic approaches.
What size must my photos be?
The call for entries for LagosPhoto 2014 is now closed. Please stay tuned for the 2015 call with more details regarding submission by checking our website: and by following us on social media
How are the photographers selected?
Exhibiting photographers are selected by a diverse curatorial team who consider both submissions and nominations critically. Ultimately the team selects photographers whose works best address the year’s theme.
Is the photo festival open to the public?
Yes it is open to the public
Is there a fee to attend?
No, there isn't. It is free.
Will there be another Photo Walk?

Information on the photo walk will be provided closer to the opening of the festival in October.

Will there be LagosPhoto Workshops this year?

There will be workshops for interested photographers facilitated by professional photographers. Each workshop is announced on both LagosPhoto website and social media platforms. For further information on schedules and programmes check the workshop section.

Who are the facilitators for the workshops?

Selected professional LagosPhoto photographers will share their knowledge in workshops with different themes and objectives.

Is there a fee to pay for the workshop?

Depending on the duration of the workshop, the fees vary. For further information on the workshops please check the LagosPhoto website.

Will there be any accommodation during the workshop?

There will be no accommodation provided by LagosPhoto during the workshops.

How to can I be part of LagosPhoto as an artist?
  • For LagosPhoto Festival, you have to be a professional photographer in order to take part in the main exhibition.
  • As an emerging photographer you have access to LagosPhoto workshops and seminars; you may also submit images to the official call for submissions or the amateur competition.
Who are the artists?

LagosPhoto is an international photography festival held in Lagos. For this reason both international and national professional photographers are part of the festival.

Why do you focus so much on professional artists?

The focus on professional artists is important for just one part of the exhibition. There are several side exhibitions and competitions along the professional exhibition that focus on emerging photographers.

How do you support emerging photographers?

All workshops hosted at the time of LagosPhoto Festival are open to all interested photographers. The professional photographers are eager and willing to advise emerging photographers.

Who is invited to the preview, why isn’t everyone invited?

The preview is dedicated to the photographers, press and to LagosPhoto sponsors and friends who through their generous support, help to make this event possible.

How do I become a Friend of LagosPhoto?

To become a Friend of LagosPhoto requires a donation.  For more information please contact

How is LagosPhoto helping the community?

The Festival's aim is to bring art to public spaces and increase the awareness of art in society. Furthermore LagosPhoto wishes to support and encourage emerging photographers to improve their skills and ability to become professional photographers.

How do I get news and updates about LagosPhoto?

The LagosPhoto website as well as are updated regularly.

Become a friend of LagosPhoto Festival and African Artists’ Foundation on Facebook and follow LagosPhoto on Twitter and Instagram.

Are you including local companies in this process?

Yes, as an NGO based in Lagos, Nigeria, it is important for us to work with local companies in organising and implementing LagosPhoto Festival.