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Festival 2019


Oct 25 -
Nov 13 2019


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Curator’s Statement


In the digital world, globalisation appears egalitarian and desirable, however once one shifts to the physical, the inequity inherent in ones place of birth becomes evident with privileged or non-privileged passports conferring or limiting certain capabilities. Traveling the world freely, without being a subject of scrutiny or suspicion is still – and maybe more than ever – impossible for a large percentage of the world population, because the value of a passport is measured by calculating its "visa-free score".

Passports delves into the constraints and prospects of the most defining official documents one can possess. The possession of it confers certain values, ideas, liberties and restriction. The absence of it strips one of the same and more, often with far reaching implications. This year’s edition aims to bring alive an alternative global environment in which artists of different nationalities are invited to explore options of creating a fluid and permeable world, where nationality, gender and historical imbalances are secondary to identity or community.

Though globally, we often anticipate the same values, fashions, religions and encounter comparable challenges, irrespective of regions and climate zones, we still live in a narrow and immobile world that prevents fluctuating lifestyles and existences outside of the digital space.

Through the course of a decade, the festival has proven to be a space where artists can meet on neutral ground to share ideas, innovation and capacities. Thus, the jubilee edition especially concentrates on the reciprocal energies the festival has experienced in past years and will open the discussion of how we can create a flexible and more egalitarian world within the existing global restrictions.

What are the options of living freely in a world that will be determined by borders? LagosPhoto invites artists to consider the festival platform as a laboratory for ideas and a safe place for experimenting with open forms of identity, creating new categories of an international passport that allows for diversity.