Festival 2022


Oct 29 -
Nov 12 2022



Force is a multidisciplinary (Visual arts & Literature) series, that depicts the path an individual takes in order to achieve his dreams in a world of harsh realities, it highlights various steps on the journey to self-actualization and challenges the viewer to decipher a personal meaning of the project in relation to what part of that journey he currently finds himself and what lies ahead. That being said, 'Force' holds a different meaning to each viewer while giving a directional framework of thinking that harbors order and unison in this great chaos of abstract multidimensional thoughts

We've gone deep within ourselves to create a series that challenges the essence of our human senses to take us out of the comfort zone of our own reasoning to experience a journey it takes lifetimes to go through.

We combined photography, crisply written captions and artistic representations of each photo in the form shapes all in accordance to the order of the force that drives human emotion.

Each artwork complements the photographs and the captions which come after it, meaning that each three forms were created to say the same thing in a particular order.

This series tackles the negative stigma placed on nonconformists in our society, especially dreamers living in a third world and aims to make them embrace themselves for who they are and urged them to chase their dreams no matter the difficult circumstances in which they find themselves and offer them solace in the form of knowing they are not alone, doing what they feel should be done against all the odds, and in time their dreams will become surreal, all they need is just the right amount of force. 

'Force' aims to push forward the power of collaboration amongst creatives because it is a representation of how photography, graphic design, and literature can come together to supplement each other and to create a theme on its own. 'Force' itself is based on an artists journey from the inception of his creativity to finding himself withstanding the influences of the society in which he grows and emerging as a new being able to listen to his own thoughts. 'Force' urges creatives to come out of their comfort zone and create a mixture of wonderful art in different forms. We believe 'Force' can be a cultural issue for youths to rally on keeping in mind that true beauty lies in the terrains of the unknown, and that they should do their best not to marginalize themselves within the art form in which they may currently practice. 

The series also has psychological effect which compels the viewer turn their heads to perceive and deduce the irregularly placed words which forces them to focus and follow the words that people may normally neglect, it shows that when people are compelled to focus on something worthy they tend to follow it.

We're trying to get people -particularly africans- to focus on the things that matter the most no regardless of how obscure they may seem and this is the conscious content the youth echo loudly day after day but are continually starved of opportunity and in hope that the world follow through, because in truth it is only the youth that can push the world further.

Like the baroque age, we dwell in that time of inspiration when art was given a new taste of inspiration. The century was saved again by the feel of an age reborn in new ways of creating through different mediums. That age like art has been reinterpreted again in our age, but this time it has come as the birth of a new taste level cause we’ve ventured into even deeper waters. There’s a new term, which is based on the fusion of “Baroque” and “Age”. We want to elevate the taste level of art in Nigeria to an era seen and perceived from all parts of humanity using innovation as the birth of this new age.


Baroque Age is an innovative/conscious reality company created by founders Adedayo Laketu, Bukunmi Akinniyi, and Nasir Ahmed. It is composed of creatives working on different forms of art, creating anything their heart desires. There's a new age of creativity emerging from Africa through our company. We have a visual director, Thompson S. Ekong and a product designer, Ose Adeniyi. 

This is a small startup which wants to grow into a hub of creative pursuits. We believe creativity powers the world, innovation being a driving force for every human endeavor, we want to unlock all the gates which cage creativity from our side of the globe and we hope to become a platform of dreams. Like I stated earlier we have no limitations in what we pursue which is why we've also created subsidiaries with creatives in other areas. We ventured into creating a music company called Euphonic. A luxury fashion house, a magazine/media house called Read Media,a management/consulting firm, an agency Codelo, and a tech company called mushroom. All these subsidiaries are independently trying to grow in different aspects of creativity to a level where they can be compared to any other brand in the world. We want to create at the highest level, giving the people around us a voice of quality to help pioneer the future. The future is in the heart of every young dreamer, we want to help be a brand that promotes it all.

Our plans going forward will be to create more projects and products that we can share with the world to inspire more people to believe in their dreams and ambitions, using creativity as a medium of hope.

This is a conglomerate aimed at channelling African ideas and minds forward, we want to create a new vision of putting an African conglomerate with all our companies and visions forward on a global front, on a scale of creating things that change the way we are perceived by the world cause our voice has been heard and we've been placed on a more dynamic global environment due to the advent of the internet.



Curated by Baroque Age - @baroquea (Instagram) 

Creative Direction/Visual Direction by Thompson S. Ekong - @___tse (Instagram)

Art Direction by Ose Adeniyi ||| @ose.a (Instagram)

Embodied by Valentino Emwin - @attile (Instagram)

Couturier MAXIVIVE Arodan Assemblage - @maxivive (Instagram)

Garbed by Daniel Obasi - @iamdasidy (Instagram).

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