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How Long Is Now? Image

How Long Is Now?

Wed 13th May, 2015

10am - 5pm
African Artists’ Foundation, 54 Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos
John Godwin, Olumide Olusanya, Adeboye Ola, James Muriuki, Hans Wilschut, Medina Dugger

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LagosPhoto Foundation in partnership with the MiaP Foundation present a day long photography workshop about architectural photography and the documentation of fast-changing urban neighborhoods in Lagos.

This workshop will bring together top architects, historians and photographers as they all share their interest in urban matters. 

The first half of the day will feature lectures and discussions on the architectural history and current built environment in Lagos. For the morning lectures we will have Professor John Godwin, architect, author, historical preservation activist and founder of Legacy as well as UNILAG Architecture Professor Olumide Olusanya, and Professor of photojournalism Adeboye Ola from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism.

The afternoon session involve technical skills training with an introduction to the challenges and possibilities of architectural photography. Followed by  a brainstorming session for the launch of neighborhood documentation projects. The afternoon lectures and skills-workshops will be offered by Kenyan photographer James Muriuki; Dutch Architectural photographer Hans Wilschut; and Lagos-based photographer and independent curator Medina Dugger.

Participants will be invited to develop project proposals for photography projects documenting the changing architectural environments in Lagos. The top three proposals will be funded to complete their projects and have the chance to exhibit in LagosPhoto 2015.

All photographers who participate will have free (subsidized) access to the Legacy Lagos Island Walkabout historic architectural walking tour, Sunday May 17th, 8 AM, meet Freedom Park.


About MiaP Foundation

The MiaP Foundation supports talented photographers by giving them the opportunity to work on socially relevant themes and to bring their work to the attention of a new and varied audience . The objectives of the Foundation are to provide-

• Photo Talent financial support to enable socially relevant work;

• Promote the discussion by bringing together photo images within a chosen theme for a wide audience

• Supporting charities who work within the chosen themes.


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