Festival 2022


Oct 29 -
Nov 12 2022



2016 Image

The theme for seventh edition; INHERENT RISK; RITUALS AND PERFORMANCE explores the role of acts of repetition that shape gender, image, identity, social agency, power and social constructs in contemporary society. Actions repeated constantly, becomes a ritual, its transference into other spaces of engagement becomes a performance. The preceding choice of each action contains an inherent risk. In a statement discussing the theme, the curator says, “Changing the shutter, adjusting the lens, capturing the moment: all those movements can be considered as the rituals of photographers but beyond these obvious acts and interpretation, we wish to explore further. Each image is the direct representation of the world, a human trace on a material surface. The photograph turns into a cognitive instrument of reality because a photograph is not just an image; is also a record, a document, a message and a construction.” LagosPhoto 2016 will feature 30 photographers spanning 17 countries.

Celebrated for showcasing never before seen series, the seventh edition hosted the world debut of recent series including; ‘Genesis’ by Kudzanai Chiurai (Zimbabwe), ‘The Balogun Particle’ by Lorenzo Vitturi (Italy), and the complete ‘Great Expectations’ series by Jenevieve Aken (Nigeria).


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